General Information

Please read the instructions carefully. You will be allowed to proceed for test after 30 seconds.

About SNAP WAT Online Test

  1. This test is a non-proctored test to be taken by the applicant from home or anywhere using good Internet connectivity.
  2. The test portal will be enabled ONLY 5 minutes before the start time of the test; until then it will state that 'no test has been allocated'.
  3. This test should be taken using a desktop / laptop only with good Internet connectivity.
  4. This test works best with Google Chrome and Firefox browsers. It is recommended that the applicant takes the test using one of these browsers ONLY.
  5. Applicants should refrain from indulging in any sort of malpractice throughout the duration of the test.
  6. The test will be a timed one and the system will capture all movements and navigation of the users during the entire test duration.
  7. By taking this test, admission to a programme of Symbiosis International Deemed University is NOT assured. Admission is dependent on the comparative performance of a particular applicant and subject to fulfilling all the norms of the admission process. Applicants should also appear for the GE and PI process that will be conducted by the respective institutes. Final merit list of the programme will be based on all of these (GE, PI and WAT).
  8. This test is a mandatory part of the admission process.
  9. Applicants abstaining from taking this test shall be treated as "absent" and marked as ineligible for admission.
  10. As this an online test, it is dependent on the Internet, browser and the type of system where the test is being taken.
  11. The possibility of interruptions or issues arising out of external factors is possible. In such an event applicant(s) will have to immediately report to the University about the issue encountered. Help Desk Nos. +91 - 7200495273 / 9962027165.
  12. SNAP WAT pattern will be specific to each individual Institute programme.
  13. The evaluation for the WAT will be done individually / separately by each institute considering their individual requirements and perspectives
  14. Moving between questions during the test session is allowed.
  15. The "END TEST" button will appear in an active mode in the last question only.
  16. Upon clicking 'END TEST' the test will terminate and will be considered as completed.


  1. To answer the question, click against any option.
  2. Click "Next" button to Save and go to the next question.
  3. Click "Previous" button to Save and go to the previous question.
  4. Enter question number in "GO TO" box and click on "GO" to Save and go to the specific question.
  5. Select "Mark For Review" to re-visit the answer later.
  6. Click on any Question no. in "Section Summary" to jump to the specific Question.
  7. Click "End Test" button to submit and close the test.
  8. Click on "OK" button in confirmation page to exit from the test.
  9. End Test button will be enabled only for the Last Question.